Accepted Papers


   Accepted Papers in MAICT Conference 


Paper ID  Corresponding Author Name  Authors Names  Paper Title  
MAICT_ENG_3 Ahmed T. Kamil  Hadeel M. Saleh, Israa Hussain ABD-ALLA A Multi-Swarm Structure for Particle Swarm Optimization: Solving the Welded Beam Design Problem
MAICT_ENG_8 Huda Hamdan Ali Shaimaa Hameed Shaker Techniques for secure distributed systems
MAICT_ENG_25 Hadeel S. Obaid   Wireless Network Behavior during Jamming Attacks: Simulation using OPNET
MAICT_ENG_39 Mohanad Hasan Ali  Fadhel A. Jumaa, Haider Al- Hamadani, Jameel Kaduim Abed Analysis of Automatic Detection of Tumor Lesions Images using Bee Colony Technique
MAICT_ENG_45 Mustafa Hashim Abdulkareem  M I Younis Pilgrims Tracking and Monitoring based on IoT
MAICT_ENG_49 Noor S. Ali Kasim K. Abdalla,
Sameer A. Kadhim
BER Performance Improvement of Alamouti MIMO-STBC Decoder Using Mutual Information Method   
MAICT_ENG_50 Farah Ali Hadi  Sura Musa, Qais Kareem Omran, Ehab Abdulrazak Hussein Noise reduction in hybrid CMOS-NEMS oscillators
MAICT_MCS_4 Hala J. Abdelwahed Ashwaq T. Hashim, Ahmed M. Hassan Segmentation Approach for a Noisy Iris Images Based on Block Statistical Parameters
MAICT_MCS_5 Raed Kazem Mohsen Ahmed Saleem Abbas Detect and diagnose Code Smell types by Using the Backpropagation Neural Network based on user feedback
MAICT_MCS_7 Hajer Adnan Wafaa  Al-Hameed  New algorithm for separation overlapping & touching chromosome 
MAICT_MCS_8 Ali Kabban  Wasan Khalid On J–lifting modules
MAICT_MCS_9 Imad Kh Salman Nuhad S.Almothafar The Maximal A-regular Submodule of Module
MAICT_MCS_10 Hani S. Hassan,  Jammila Harbi S., Masia Abid Arabic command based human computer interaction
MAICT_MCS_11 Huda Wadah Ahmed,  Jameelah Harbi Labeling Data for Correlation Pollution Dataset
By Using Machine Learning
MAICT_MCS_14 Hiba A.Ahmed  Abdulrahman H. Majeed Semi-group Ideals on prime and semiprime Γ-Near - Rings with Γ- (l,δ) – derivations
MAICT_MCS_15 Mahmood Z. Abdullah Maysaa H. Abdulameer Recent Techniques of Open Educational Resources
MAICT_MCS_16 Reem O. Rasheed Kassim A. Jassim On Subclass Of Harmonic Univalent Functions Defined By Fractional Calculus Operator
MAICT_MCS_17 SAIF AAMER FADHIL WAFAA MUSA YASEEN, RAQEEB ABD ALKAREEM Design and Implementation of Home Automation with Comforting Sensors (HACS)
MAICT_MCS_20 Ahmad  Mawlood Malath  Aagban  Abied Effect of Endometriosis to fallopian tube of the peristaltic-ciliary flow of third grade fluid in a finite narrow tube
MAICT_MCS_21 Entsar M. Kafi Azhar A. Majeed The Dynamics and Analysis of Stage-Structured Predator-Prey Model Involving Disease and Refuge in Prey Population
MAICT_MCS_22 Khattab M Ali Alheeti Dhuha Shamil Mustafa, Abd Al-Karim Al-Aloosy Monitoring Consumption System via Web Server for Hybrid Transport Protocol based on Smart Meter 
MAICT_MCS_23 Rafid M.AL – Shaibani Nuhad S.AL-Mothafar Quasi-Coregular Modules
MAICT_MCS_24 Muayed Hanoon Salman Ghadeer Safaa Majeed Estimation and Prediction of the Presence of Hackers in the IoT based on the Kalman Filter
MAICT_MCS_25 Enas Wahab Abood Samaher Adnan, Wafaa Abdulmuhsin The multi-point delivery problem: Shortest Path Algorithm for Real Roads Network using Dijkstra
MAICT_MCS_26 Asmaa N. Al-Janabi Zainab A. Jaafar Asymptotic Regional Boundary Gradient Observability in Diffusion Neumann Problem
MAICT_MCS_27 Shahed Ali Hamil Abdulrahman H. Majeed γ-Orthogonal for K-Derivations and K-Reverse Derivations
MAICT_MCS_28 Shahed Ali Hamil Abdulrahman H. Majeed Orthogonal Generalized Derivations on Γ-Semirings
MAICT_MCS_34 Rana Raad Shker Mansoor Noori Hussin Integrating Information Technology and Data Warehousing Strategies into Business Intelligence
MAICT_MCS_35 Imad Habeeb Zeyad Qasim Al-Zaydi, Hanan Najm Abdulkhudhur Constructing Arabic Language Resources from Google N-gram Dataset
MAICT_MCS_36 Imad Habeeb Zeyad Qasim Al-Zaydi, Hanan Najm Abdulkhudhur Integrating Filter Technique into Levenshtein Distance for Fast Search in Dictionaries
MAICT_MCS_37 Shahed Ali Hamil Abdulrahman H. Majeed Derivations in Gamma Rings with ?-Lie and ?-Jordan Structures
MAICT_MCS_38 Shahed Ali Hamil Abdulrahman H. Majeed Derivations and reverse derivations on γ-prime and γ-semiprime gamma semirings
MAICT_MCS_41 Asmaa N. Al-Janabi Zainab A. Jaafar Strategic Sensors and Asymptotic Regional Boundary Gradient Observation
MAICT_MCS_50 Tasnim H.K. Albaldawi Huda A. Rasheed, Shurooq A. K. Al-Sultany Bayesian Inference for Reliability Function of Gompertz Distribution
MAICT_MCS_52 Eman Mohmmed Wasan Khalid  On ?-Semiregular Module
MAICT_MCS_53 Abdlkareem Ali Wasan Khalid ⨁-J-supplemented modules
MAICT_MCS_56 Zainab Rzaij Mohammad Sahira MahmoodYassin On small (T-extending) module
MAICT_MCS_57 Alaa Hamoud   Improving Service Quality Using Consumers’ Complaints Data Mart which Effect on Financial Customer Satisfaction
MAICT_MCS_60 Mustafa Maad Hamdi Lukman Audah, Sami Abduljabbar Rashid, Mohammad A. Al-Mashhadani Coarse WDM in Metropolitan Networks: Challenges, Standards, Applications, and Future Role
MAICT_MCS_62 Sumaya Hamad Yossra H. Ali, Shaimaa H. Shaker A Survey of Localization Systems in the Sea Based on New Categories
MAICT_MCS_64 Luma. N. M. Tawfiq Farah. F. Ghazi New Approach for Solving Two Dimensional Space PDF
MAICT_MCS_67 Luma. N. M. Tawfiq Aseel Hisham Khamas  New Coupled Method for Solving Burger’s Equation
MAICT_MCS_70 Omar K. Ibrahim Alaa A. Elewi Hollow-R-Annihilator-Lifting Modules
MAICT_MCS_72 Luma Naji Mohammed Tawfiq Huda Altaie Recent Modification of Homotopy Perturbation Method for Solving System of Third Order PDEs 
MAICT_MCS_73 Shams Khaled Ahmed Zaid A Abdul Hassain Gain Enhancements of Tapered Slot Vivaldi Antenna for Radar Imaging Applications
MAICT_MCS_76 Ruwaida Mohammed Soukaena H. Hashem Unequal Clustering and Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Network Using Advance Genetic Algorithm
MAICT_MCS_81 Afraa Abbas Hamada   The role of operations research in solving the problem of fuzzy transport ( An Empirical Study)
MAICT_MCS_82 Mohammed Abdul Hameed Jassim Al-Kufi Suaad Abdul Hameed Jassim Al-Kufi, Hassan Mohammed Jassim Simulate a first-order Bézier curve in image encoding
MAICT_MCS_85 Sayl Gani   Two Reliable Iterative Methods for Solving Chaos
MAICT_MCS_86 Basheer Abd AL-Raid Sadiq   Convolution of Expansion
MAICT_MCS_91 Khattab M Ali Alheeti Nuha Abd, Salah Sleibi Al-Rawi Intelligent Intrusion Detection System in Internal Communication Systems for Driverless Cars
MAICT_MCS_92 Mohsin AL-Maliki Qasim Mahdi Haref, Maytham Mohammed Tuaama, Hayder M. Albehadili Arabic digit recognition using robust deep convolution neural network
MAICT_MCS_97 Yasmeen Ali Hussien Sami Eedan Abed Al-Slami, Saad Mashkoor Waleed, Shatha F. Aboalhous, Aiman Mohammed Baqir Al-Dhalimy Calculation of energy levels and reduced transition probabilities B(E2) for 130Ba Isotope using IBM-1
MAICT_MCS_102 Mohammed Kamil Athraa H. Farhan  Texture Analysis of Mammogram Using Local Binary Pattern Method
MAICT_MCS_104 Saadaldeen Ahmed Ahmed Albasha, Nayif Mohammed Hammash All inclusive Filtered Multicarrier (UFMC) versus Symmetrical Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
MAICT_MCS_106 Atheel Sabih Shaker   A Survey for an Automatic Transliteration of Arabic Handwritten Script
MAICT_MCS_110 Luma Naji Mohammed Tawfiq Noor Ali Hussein     New Approach for Solving (1+1)-Dimensional Differential Equation 
MAICT_MCS_113 Bassam Noori Shaker Manar Joundy Hazar, Asraa Rahim Machine learning based for reducing energy conserving in WSN
MAICT_MCS_114 Mohammed Y. Kamil Abdul-lateef A. Jassam Analysis of Tissue Abnormality in Mammography Images Using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Method
MAICT_PHYS_1 Bassma H. Hamad Hussein A. Waheeb Deceleration Cylindrical Electrostatic Lens Using the Charge Density Method
MAICT_PHYS_2 Rasha H. Ibrahim Abdul-Rahman H. Saleh Determination the Optimum Orbit for Low Earth Satellites by Changing the Eccentricity
MAICT_PHYS_3 Roaa T. Abdulla  Oday A. Hussein Simulation and Optimization of the Optical Properties of an Einzel lens
MAICT_PHYS_6 Zainab M. Younis Kubba   PSPICE modelling of a photovoltaic system with a single phase voltage cancellation inverter
MAICT_PHYS_8 Zainab S. Ali   Hydrothermal Synthesis of Cu2ZnSnS4 Nanostructure and their Application as H2S Gas Sensor
MAICT_PHYS_9 Esam S. Ali Sameen F. Mohammed, Chinar N. Mohammed, Zainab S. Mahmoud Measurement of Radon Radiation Concentration in Imported and Local Powdered Milk using Nuclear Track Detector CR - 39
MAICT_PHYS_10 Nadia F. Mohammed Aseel I. Mahmood, Shehab A. Kadhim, Intisar A. Naseef Simulation Design of Hollow Core Photonic Crystal fiber for Sensing Water Quality
MAICT_PHYS_14 Hussein T. Hashim Hadeel T. Hashim, Bassam Noori Shaker Optimum Design of Multilayer Dielectric Mirrors with ZEMAX
MAICT_ENG_2 Ahmed Fahem Albaghdadi Abduladhem Abdulkareem Ali Multiple Mobile Robot Path Planning in 3D Environment Using Tangent Tree Algorithm
MAICT_ENG_5 Aqeel K. Kadhim  NA Intra-clustering communication enhancement in WSN by using Skillful Methodologies  
MAICT_ENG_13 Ahmed Saleem Abbas Ashwak Alabaichi, Maisa'a Abid Ali Khodher Review Study on software risk factors
MAICT_ENG_21 Ammar M. Hadi Muneer A. Ismael, Maher A.R. Sadiq‏, Haider A. Alhattab Experimental Investigations of Enhanced Micro Structured Heat Sinks 
MAICT_ENG_27 Mustafa Abdulkadhim Neamah  Salim Mohammed Ali Design and Development of a Web traffic analyzer
MAICT_ENG_52 Mohammed A. Therib Heyam A. Marzog
Marwa Jaleel Mohsin
Smart Digital Bi-Directional Visitors Counter  Based on IoT
MAICT_MCS_3 Ghusoon Idan Arb Kadhum Al-Majdi A Freights Status Management System Based on Dart and Flutter Programming Language
MAICT_MCS_6 Tamara Saad Mohamed   Analytical View Of Web Security And Sophisticated Ways To Improve Web Security
MAICT_MCS_12 Israa Al_Barazanchi Seba Aziz Sahy, Zahraa A. Jaaz, Haider Rasheed Abdulshaheed Traffic Management with Deployment of Li-Fi Technology
MAICT_MCS_29 Hasan Bakheet Jasim   Review in Disadvantages of The Modern Communications 
MAICT_MCS_40 Susan Zwyea Saif Almansouri Early Prognosis of Human Renal Cancer with Kaplan-Meier Plotter Data Analysis Model
MAICT_MCS_100 Sarab Mhamed Taher Asst. Prof. Abdul-Wahab Sami Ibrahim  Inserting Virtual Static Object with Geometry Consistency into Real Video
MAICT_MCS_105 Rasha Jamal Hindi Asst. Prof. Abdul-Wahab Sami Ibrahim  Identification system by Tongue based on Bhattacharyya distance
MAICT_MCS_109 Rana Abdulkareem Zeana Zaki Jamil  Characterization of Diskcyclic Criterion
MAICT_PHYS_12 A. J. Farhan H. I. Jaffer Effect of water on impact strength of RTV silicon rubber / Thermosets blend reinforced with nanoparticles
MAICT_PHYS_17 OSAMA AL-TAAI Wedyan G. Nassif The Relationship between Soil Temperature and Volumetric Soil Water Content in Iraq using ECMWF Data for the Period (1980-2016)
MAICT_MCS_79 Karam Hatim Albajary Omar Abdulmonim Aldabbagh, Nagham Ajeel Al-Ajeely Ethical Hacking implementation for Lime worm Ransomware Detection
MAICT_ENG_38 Saif Saad Hameed Hadeel Mohammed Saleh Performance Comparison of Centralized and Distributed Antenna System in 5G
MAICT_ENG_40 Hamid K. Khalil Saad S. Hreshee, Hassan Jassim Motlak Design and Implementation of Photovoltaic  System Based on Super-Lift LUO Converter
MAICT_MCS_107 Basma Mustafa M. H. Suhad A. Ali, Majid Jabbar Jawad Video Summarization for Copyright Protection
MAICT_MCS_112 Jenan Abd Alreda Resen Asmaa Jabbar Mathkhoor 19- decomposition matrices for the projective characters of the symmetric groups  
MAICT_MCS_68 Firas sh. Fandi Sahira M. Yaseen ESSENTIAL T-hollow- lifting module
MAICT_MCS_54 Zainab H.Mahmood Kassim A.Jassim, Buthyna N.Shihab A Certain Subclass of Multivalent Harmonic Functions Defined by Ruscheweyh Derivatives
MAICT_MCS_61 Zainab H.Mahmood Aseel A. Hassan Certain Family of Multivalent Functions Associated with Subordination
MAICT_ENG_38 Saif Saad Hameed Hadeel Mohammed Saleh Performance Comparison of Centralized and Distributed Antenna System in 5G
MAICT_ENG_42 Saif Saad Hameed Mohammed Fakhrulddin Abdulqader, Adnan Yousif Dawod Effects of Impulse Noise on Masive MIMO
MAICT_MCS_69 Maysaa Jalil Mohammed Ali Talib Mohameed Analysis of an Agricluture Data Using Markov Basis for Independent Model
MAICT_MCS_115 Abeer Abd Ali Kadhum Hilal Al-Libawy, Ehab AbdulRazzaq Hussein An Accurate Fall Detection System for the Elderly People Using Smartphone Inertial Sensors

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